Letter: Congressional tax reform scheme hurts Ridgefield

To the Editor:

Ridgefield’s Republican state Sen. Toni Boucher and Republican state Rep. John Frey must summon the courage to defend Ridgefield against the proposed Congressional Tax Reform scheme. The Republican Party needs to hear our protesting voices.

State income tax, medical expenses, and 100% of our property taxes, are essential tax deductions for many hard working, middle class citizens. Financial plans for Ridgefield’s families revolve around these basic tax rules.

We cannot stand for the destruction of these basic tax rules which help sustain Ridgefield as a wonderful place to build a nice home and a progressive life for our loved ones.

Time to revolt and fight for justice — be inspired by the same struggle that drove men and women of courage and character to stand against tyranny in 1776.

Rich Fasanelli

Gay Road, Nov. 7