Letter: Congratulations to finance board winners

To the Editor:

I would like to congratulate Amy McCartney Friederich, Sean Connelly and Dick Moccia on thier election and re-election to the BOF. I am confident they will do a great job.

Looking back on my 24 years on the BOF I am extremely grateful for the people I have had the privilege of serving with.
I leave with a sense of pride that I played a very, very, very small part in improving the town. The public-private partnerships like the Ridgefield Playhouse,  Tiger Hollow, the acquisition of open space and the recent expansion and improvement of the library are some of theprojects that brought me great joy to help in a very small way to shepherd along. I also feel pleased that we were able to minimize pressure on taxes, keep Ridgefield affordable and maintain a trip AAA plus credit and bond rating.
Ridgefield is a great town for all of us to live in, raise a family, run a business and retire. And I am completely confident that it will continue to be.  Thanks again for all the well wishes and I look forward to living in this wonderful town we all love for many years to come.

Marty Heiser

Spectacle Lane, Nov. 16