Letter: Come take the tour

A Revolutionary War grave in Olde Town Cemetery.
A Revolutionary War grave in Olde Town Cemetery.

To the Editor:
On Saturday, April 27 — 242 years to the day after the Battle of Ridgefield — Olde Town Cemetery will be open for self-guided tours of 27 “graves with a story” of Revolutionary War veterans and other notable residents of Ridgefield’s early days.
After attending Saturday’s talk at the Library from 11am to 12:30pm about the British raid on Danbury in 1777 and the ensuing battle in Ridgefield, why not take a walk or ride over to Mapleshade Cemetery (where the tour begins) where you can park your car, pick up a map and get your questions answered by members of Ridgefield’s Graveyard Restoration Committee from 2pm to 4pm?
For those requiring parking, please enter the cemetery complex through the stone pillars at the intersection of Mapleshade Road and North Street; pedestrians and cyclists can utilize any of the many paths and roadways to the starting point for the tour in Mapleshade Cemetery.
Whether you are interested in visiting all 27 gravesites — each designated on a handy map and clearly marked along with biographical notes (many thanks to Jack Sanders for historical support) — or just a few, please consider that cemeteries have uneven and hilly terrain, old trees and other obstacles. A good pair of walking shoes and other outdoor-appropriate clothing is recommended. There is no need to complete the entire tour; Graveyard Committee members will help you select several you won’t want to miss.
Also, please take a moment to consider how Mapleshade got its name. Among the many old Sugar Maples towering over the cemetery, there are two special maples that the Ridgefield Tree Committee wants to make sure that you will appreciate: an ancient Japanese Maple and a beautiful Silver Maple near the parking area as you start the tour.
Tom McManus
High Ridge Avenue, April 22