Letter: Club expansion creates challenges for parking

To the Editor:

The following was written to First Selectman Rudy Marconi and Arnold Light, chairman of the Economic and Community Development Commission.

I’d like to as the ECDC and others to consider the Boys and Girls Club expansion conversation in The Press last week. Its impact on parking in the Central Business District (CBD) is, in part, my concern. Please take up on your next meeting — if time permits of course.

I’m asking to review this conversation and develop an action plan on the impact on parking in the CBD specifically as they seek to enlarge.

Additionally, considering all that has been developed in the most recent years and would a parking lot or garage be the right answer for this parcel nearby owned by the town.

During the library expansion and the Prospector’s, the CBD community had no voice in my view. I’m asking ECDC to be our voice.

This, I believe, is way beyond the scope of the Parking Authority.

As we know, Rudy had been talking about a parking lot (originally a garage) at the town-owned parcel near this facility. His conversation came while the SCRE Advisors study was being planned or discussed, I believe.

I’m concerned how an expansion would impact parking for the CBD as a whole.

Additionally, consider the RVNA and its impact, then consider Ridgefield Supply, now the Prospector, and go down the line, library and more. All projects I support, but parking is my sole point here. Additionally, housing to both young people and seniors into town need parking.

Let’s review and discuss and develop a smart plan by bringing all stakeholders to the table.

The many years of conversations on parking have left Ridgefield where we were 25 years ago. In contrast, look now how the CBD has dramatically evolved with nearly no new parking.

I’m merely asking to consider all of this new development and come with an intelligent action plan for this parcel of land as we all move forward. A veiled garage seems to be a logical solution but a meeting with all stakeholders could be well worth our time.

All these new private investments to town can surely benefit while hosting at their locations.  Valet service right to garage perhaps and further help to market our town as a friendly and well planned Ridgefield.

Wayne Addessi

Main Street, Sept. 25