Letter: Civility and respect

To the Editor:

In the Dec. 20 Press, Arnold DiLaura responded to my letter of the previous week.

Mr. DiLaura, you missed the whole point of my letter. Yes, some of my figures may have been inaccurate, but I think I showed clearly that many of Mr. Harris’ figures were way off the mark.  

Statistics can be can be viewed from different perspectives, and people can use different input to come to different conclusions.  

The general picture shows that there were good trends and bad trends in the administrations of both parties. The conclusion that Mr. Harris comes to, and which you reaffirm, however, is not that Republicans have different ideas of what is the best way to move the country forward — many of which you may disagree with and you will try to show how your ideas are better — but that Republicans are an amoral, lying bunch of troglodytes that only want to ruin the country and make life as difficult as possible for everyone but the ultra-rich.  

The Democrats are always calling for more civility and respect, but where is the civility in that conclusion? Where is the civility and respect for the 50% of the country that doesn’t ascribe to your agenda? Where is the civility in the way your party treats the duly elected president of this country? Many of us despised President Obama’s big government, America’s best days are behind her, globalist worldview. But we didn’t chase members of the opposite party out of restaurants. We didn’t threaten family members of liberal commentators at their homes.  We didn’t shoot Democrat congressmen at baseball practice.

I believe that you and Mr. Harris have shown us that disrespect for, and incivility towards, people with different ideas than you has made it down to the local level. Thank you for that.

Sean Archambault

Ramapoo Road, Dec. 24