Letter: Citizen’s Police Academy — a wonderful service

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the Ridgefield Police Department for conducting their yearly, April/May Citizen’s Police Academy for the public. This is a wonderful service to the town.

A special thanks to Captain Jeff Kreitz and Lieutenant Sean Platt for creating a comprehensive and informative police program that helps the public to better understand the intricate workings of the Ridgefield Police Department.

As a participant, I gained a better understanding of the responsibilities of police officers, how they are involved in the community and the techniques that they use. After taking this course you have a renewed respect for these public servants.

Each week, for ten weeks, Kreitz and Platt were responsible for sharing information with us on firearms, legal issues, the use of Loki, the police dog and canine officers, and new police technology, shooting simulations, radar, and speed control. There were no questions that were off limits.

I highly recommend the Citizen’s Police Academy when it is offered again next March. You will be amazed at how much you will learn and how application-oriented much of the material will be. You will even have a formal graduation at the end of the 30-hour course.

I can’t thank the Ridgefield Police Department, the wonderful officers and all the knowledgeable speakers that shared their knowledge with us, enough for a well-executed program that helps to present our public servants in a new light.

Ben Shaw