Letter: Choose balanced and thoughtful representatives

To the Editor: 

Like many people, I have a newfound appreciation of the value of being an informed voter, at the national and the local level. If I want a political environment that is fair and reasoned, then I need to elect people that understand the value of compromise in a shared effort and that demonstrate a true interest in representing all of us, not only those that share their specific views, party.

In today’s age, one way to get a view of how the candidates think and assess the issues is to review their public comments — in press articles, social media and even cable TV. After doing so for many of the candidates, both Democratic and Republican, one candidate that I won’t be voting for is Marty Heiser. I prefer someone with a greater ability, or perhaps willingness, to separate the facts from what we now know is an endless stream of “fake news.”

If someone is willing to promulgate the views of questionable and controversial so-called “alt right” sources, then how can I rely on them to be thoughtful and balanced in their dealings for the town?

Keitha Kinne

Great Hill Road, Oct. 22