Letter: Charter change needed

To the Editor:
In a letter to the Ridgefield Press dated May 23, 2019, Bill Davidson wrote that it’s time to “modify the town’s Annual Town and Budget Meeting through a Charter revision that eliminates the ability to reduce budgets prior to a budget referendum.”
Davidson argues persuasively that a fraction of registered voters can reduce town and or school budgets that have been vetted by public hearings by the Board of Education and the Board of Finance. And that this is permitted even though the budgets will be on a written ballot at a referendum the following week. The referendum provides all registered voters an opportunity to approve or disapprove one or both budgets.
The referendum is the way to go. The Charter should be revised to prevent a small number of registered voters (as low as one half of one percent) from reducing well-vetted budgets before a full day referendum just a week away.
Jim Leahy
Sunset Lane, May 25