Letter: Cemetery needs help

To the Editor:

In a Ridgefield Press article (April 1, 2015) “Who Owns Branchville Cemetery,” the cemetery’s  dismal condition was brought to the public’s attention. Now, three years later, little seems to have been done to rectify the situation. Weeds and tall, probably tick filled grass, impede anyone who would like to visit a family member’s or friend’s grave site. It truly is shameful.

In the newspaper three years ago the statement was made, “If the public notice asking people with claims on Branchville Cemetery to come forward doesn’t turn up a valid owner, the town could proceed to establish itself in that role. We (the town) can file for ownership, a municipality has the authority to do that …. we’re following statutory procedure. The town would then do more to care for the  cemetery.”

Surely some Ridgefield civic group or organization has to care about how negatively this piece of property reflects on the Ridgefield community. It sits within your borders. Even a rough cut on a monthly basis during the growing season would be helpful. Three years of inaction is enough. The time has come for remedying the abysmal condition of the Branchville Cemetery.

Please don’t go back to doing nothing. Honor the veterans who are buried there. Honor the people who are buried there, many of whom no longer have family in the area to tend to them. One of them is Rev. Joseph Cleary, pastor of Sacred Heart Church from 1951 to 1971.

Father Cleary’s Celtic cross marker says, “See how good it is for brethren to lie in peace and harmony.”

We can all use that message these days.

Please clear the grounds so others will be able to see it.

Sheila Fogarty Johnson

Brooklyn, Conn., June 27

(Formerly a Georgetown/Redding resident)