Letter: Cell phone etiquette in town needs to improve

To the Editor:

Cell phone etiquette is low on the totem pole with today’s contentious topics. But please indulge me as I tell you about my morning.

While waiting at my doctor’s office, I was subjected to a woman ranting on her cell phone about her ex-husband’s verbal abuse toward their children. She could have stepped outside, sparing us all the ugly details.

Next, at the post office was a woman in the middle of the parking lot, talking on her cell phone, waiting for a spot. Finally, two cars left and she chose the parallel parking space over the diagonal one, and, attempted to park, which she was incapable of doing, especially while still on the phone. I finally edged in while she was still navigating and speaking on her phone.

While waiting inside, I noticed that the woman in front of me was on her cell phone the entire time she was interacting with the postal worker, her two young daughters running amok, never once speaking to the gentleman, even when he said to her, “Ma’am, I respect that you’re on your phone, but I have a question for you.” She totally ignored him, walking away. He looked perplexed .

I shared my morning’s experiences with the two friendly postal workers, who said that they encounter this all the time and were not surprised, but remained professional in all their comments. I left the post office feeling happy, only to find the parking lot lady still not aligned in the parallel-parking spot, taking up that precious space, and still on her cell phone.

Can we just put those cell phones down for a minute so that we can make life a little easier for all, show a little respect for others and to be better role models for our children?

Jan Ibarra

Old Trolley Road, Sept. 6