Letter: Cannon Grange is for Ridgefield residents, too

To the Editor:
As last year’s president of the Cannon Grange, I was happy to see a nice article on the 120th birthday of the Grange. As a Ridgefield resident and Grange member, I was more than a little dismayed to see it called a Wilton organization. Perhaps because the article was cut and pasted from The Wilton Bulletin? And thus perhaps a lack of due diligence in editing? May I add a correction.
Our Grange is an area organization, the Ridgefield and Cannondale Granges merged in the mid-50s. Indeed, the present executive board is about equally divided between Ridgefield and Wilton, and our current president is a Ridgefielder.
Certainly last year’s fair would not have been as vibrant without all of the Ridgefield organizations participating. Dorothy Pawlowski, knowledgeable and engaging about 3D printing and the STEAM programs from the Ridgefield Library. Temi Bova of the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee. The wonderful display the Ridgefield Historical Society presented on the history of the Ridgefield Grange to name but a few. I should also mention all the Ridgefielders who submitted entries, kids and adults, and all the kids who enjoyed the free face painting and games.
Why not come to the Open House Birthday Party this Saturday at the Hall, right across the road from the Cannondale railroad station which also turns 120 this year. Learn more about your Grange and what it can do for you. For the fair, you might become interested in becoming a helper or vendor, we give free spaces to non-profits. This year we’re happy to have the Ridgefield Socialist Democrats join us and maybe Ridgefield’s Caudatowa Garden Club.
So come to the party at the Hall Saturday, May 18, 4 to 6, 25 Cannon Road in Cannondale — spoiler — you’ll taste a 120-year-old cake.
Bil Mikulewicz
Wilton Road West, May 12