Letter: Can sensible gun laws exist?

To the Editor:

In response to George M Cohen’s letter last week, I always find it interesting how the anti gun crowd spout off about sensible gun laws.

What are sensible gun laws? Well, to the anti Gun crowd, it’s banning every gun on the planet.

You spout off about sensible laws but don’t give any examples. I am sure if you draft the rules it won’t be sensible by any means.

You also bring up the Heller decision which along with another supreme court decision confirms individual ownership. So with that you still can not buy a handgun in DC. You see you can only buy one in the state you live in. And the sensible gun haters drove out every gun store from DC so basically banning guns (Back door bans).

So as Joe Biden said to the NRA after they pointed out that under his administration 80,000 felons made out 4473 forms and lied. That’s a felony and only 44 were prosecuted. So much for laws. His answer to the NRA was we don’t have the time to prosecute felons making out the forms and lying on them.

So guess what we surely don’t want you to institute or write sensible gun laws. Not to mention the anti-gun crowd screams about federal laws we need but don’t want reciprocity. So once again they really don’t want sensible laws they want them all banned.

So the question is who’s going to make these sensible rules. How about me that works just fine for our side.    

Tom Falconieri Sr.

Limestone Road, Jan. 11