Letter: Calls for road help still go unanswered

To the Editor:

Living in Ridgebury sometimes feels like we live on another planet, even though we are part of Ridgefield. George Washington Highway and Ridgebury Road are two of the busiest roads traveled.

For the most part, the roads are in good shape — except for certain problem areas that are always in disrepair and have caused extensive damage to my vehicles tires and rims. Most cars today have fancy rims with low-profile tires that cannot hold up to repeated abuse from roads that are not properly maintained.

After many repeated trips to the highway garage asking for help. The question is where’s the pothole. I tell them there are many and instead of fixing the issue properly. The fix is a few shovels of cold patch and let the cars pack it down. Now in the middle of winter that type of repair is fine. But in the middle of the summer areas like these need to be addressed and fixed properly. Has anyone ever hit the one by the Prospect Street theater? Even then the town highway officials tell me that it’s not a pothole but a hole caused by a gas valve.

Really, how about a fix? These problems are not new and have been there for many years, not months.

So after many trips, phone calls and even e-mails, to the highway superintendents, my calls for help go unanswered. I even went to see the first selectman and asked him to help all the other people who live in town who have also experienced the same. Still nothing. With all that is going on in this world how can we expect our leaders to lead in times of crisis if they cannot take care of the small issues.

Eric Horsa

Langstroth Drive, Sept. 19