Letter: CHIRP seeks community help to run full summer of concerts

To the Editor:

CHIRP would like to thank those in the community who have, to date, responded to our annual appeal.

We are delighted to find out once again that many of you in the community still love and support the concerts.

And our first eleven concerts this summer have now been financially covered in full.

However, contributions for 2019, as of April 16, are sharply down and unfortunately, if we cannot make up these numbers soon, we will have to announce a curtailed schedule for August as well as for the 2020 season.  

So please, those of you who cherish these events but have not yet made your annual contributions. Or those of you who have found out, post taxes, that you have a little more discretionary income than you had anticipated, please send your donations forthwith to CHIRP at Town Hall, 400 Main St.  

This will be our 18th summer and we would like it to be a full season with a lot to look forward to in 2020 as well.

Barbara Manners

Ridgefield Selectwoman

Producer, CHIRP