Letter: CHIRP concerts need community donations

To the Editor:

CHIRP’s 2018 season is now fully booked and the complete schedule will be released in The Ridgefield Press, which co-sponsors the series, on May 10. Concerts, which are also co-sponsored by Parks and Rec, will continue to be in Ballard Park this summer in good weather, and we are currently searching for appropriate venues in the event of rain. Hopefully those will be identified by May 10. For the most current information, please check our Facebook page at CHIRPCT.

CHIRP wants to thank those major donors who are underwriting concerts this year and to remind everyone how vital it is that you frequent your local businesses. Without their support so much of what we have in our wonderful town would not be possible. CHIRP from almost its outset has received annual underwriting support from Ridgefield Cleaners and Ridgefield Music located on Governor Street. This year, we are thrilled to announce and to thank the Ridgefield Thrift Shop, now also located there, which will be underwriting two full concerts. Purkiss Capital Advisors and Fairfield County Bank are underwriting again, too. A number of our local foundations and family foundations also join in. These donors usually represent 60% of our total budget.

The balance of our budget comes largely from your mail-in contributions and somewhat from the buckets we pass in the park. Thank you to all those who have responded to our town-wide mailing.  However, our numbers so far are way down this year. Usually we have responses each year from almost 400 families. To date, fewer than 250 have returned their CHIRP envelopes to us. Please, if you have not yet, send your donation to CHIRP at 400 Main Street. CHIRP can remain free only with your support.

Barbara Manners

CHIRP Producer