Letter: ‘Bully’ is wrong monniker for Hansen

To the Editor:

This is a response to Ms. Harford’s letter published on Nov. 1.

Why has it become common to apply labels to those honestly engaged in matters with which one doesn’t agree? That is what children do and has become all too common among those who should know better as adults.

In the service, the phrase there’s always that 10% per cent that doesn’t get the word was used where someone didn’t understand the mission. Jeff Hansen is not a bully for devoting large amounts of his money, time, organizational skills and emotional distress on a mission to preserve residential zoning interests of this town. Yes, even your interests if you want Ridgefield to maintain its irreplaceable character.

The P&Z Board is charged with provisions embodied in the Special Permit Criteria and common sense as to what constitutes a “private club” as that definition has been vague here too long.  Surrounding towns clearly exclude from consideration as such any for profit, commercial operations. Had that been done here when previously requested, this whole considerable cost and effort would have been obviated.

Initially, Board counsel spent time explaining why the Board was not necessarily required to follow even the Special Permit Criteria specified for its consideration.  You have confidence the Board will make the right decision for the Town. Even with no objective standard? Jeff and a host of concerned neighbors and supporters even from neighboring areas have taken time to understand the issues, attend hearings and provide wise counsel to the Board while reminding it that the Special Permit Criteria are critical to their decision.

Suggest judgment from afar be replaced by first understanding the issues, reaching  informed decision once you “have the word” and presenting that as issues not epithet.

The only bully that applies here is Bully for You, Jeff.

Harold E. Saxton

Peaceable Street, Nov. 4