Letter: Boucher’s letter is standard GOP fare

To the Editor:

It is good local politics for state Sen. Boucher to challenge Gov. Malloy’s suggestion that small towns “can bail out” larger cities in the state. She panders to the egos of her constituents by referencing the “smaller fiscally responsible towns” and stereotypes larger cities as “succumbing to decades of bad decision-making.” Finally, she accuses the governor of “disdain” for “any organization he thinks is doing too well.” The rich are heroes of hard work, and self-reliance; the less well off are lazy wastrels who make bad decisions.

This is standard Republican fare, of course. There is no consideration of Ridgefield’s good fortune of location which provides a tax base more proximate to the town’s expenses. Bad decision-making and exploitation by contractors is not unknown in small towns, even here in Ridgefield, as well as in larger cities.

Being close to New York City, Ridgefield does not rely on Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, or even Stamford for certain enhancements to quality of life. Others of our smaller towns do. Hartford offers a symphony orchestra and a quality theater; New Haven, a world class university and noteworthy restaurants; Bridgeport, a reputable zoo and professional baseball; Stamford, a branch of the state university — all four of them major hospitals. The larger cities provide the settings for access to the state judicial system and the Motor Vehicle Department and other services of state government.

It is a matter of justice that all children in the state have equality of educational opportunity in a strong public school system. It may be that not all problems are solved by simply “giving” more money, but gross discrepancies in per-student spending are not going to promote equality in education.

Daniel C. Hudson