Letter: Blumenthal, Murphy, Himes must work on lower taxes

To the Editor:

Rich Fasanelli (Nov. 16) appears to want lower taxes; I do, too — a lot lower. However, he misses the points of why taxes are so high and how they can be lowered. He wants to retain certain federal loopholes that personally benefit him such as the deduction for state income taxes. This is a perfect example of a special-interest loophole that benefits some people at the expense of others. This loophole compels citizens in states like South Dakota, Texas, and Florida to pay higher federal taxes on the same amount of income just because they had the good sense to elect officials who would not force them to pay a state income tax.

When I moved here, Connecticut was also in that respected company of the sane.

Fasanelli could enjoy lower-tax benefits like other states if he would join with those of us who seek to replace Connecticut’s rapacious governor with a fiscally responsible one who will cut taxes and spending radically. He is also attacking the wrong legislators. Our state Senator Toni Boucher and Representative John Frey have been fighting the tax and spending excesses in Hartford for years. We should be supporting them rather than engaging in rants about “basic tax rules” that are special interest breaks for people in high-tax states at the expense of the rest of the country.

The legislators that Fasanelli should be calling out are U.S. Senators Blumenthal and Murphy and U.S. Representative Himes. They need to get with the program and work to pass a federal tax-cut bill similar to the one now being considered by Congress. That bill cuts taxes fairly by eliminating loopholes like those Fasanelli wants to retain for his personal benefit at the expense of others.

John Early

Fieldcrest Drive, Nov. 21