Letter: Black Box Theatre doesn’t provide enough room for students participating in fall play

To the Editor:
I’m a high schooler and a member of the RHS theater department. I have always loved theater and have grown up going to all the shows the high school would present. They were so incredible, with the use of the lighting and sound equipment I was just amazed by how large scale and professional it all seemed. I was so excited to grow up and go to RHS so I could perform in that way in the beautiful RHS auditorium.
It saddens me to report that the school has decided to not allow the theater department to use that auditorium next year for our fall play. 
Not only is this devastating to me as an actor, this means kids on lighting crew, sound crew, and run crew will get little to no experience in their fields on interest in this show. We will have to perform in the Black Box Theatre, which means virtually no room for a set, no microphone usage, and very little opportunity for lighting. 
I do not blame the principal for her decision to choose not to let us use the auditorium for the fall play, but the consequences that this will have been overlooked. 
I would like to invite anyone who takes issue with this to contact Dr. Stacey Gross, our school principal, by email at sgross@ridgefieldps.net.
Caroline Malley
Ridgefield High School, Class of 2020