Letter: Beware of the new age Charter for Compassion

To the Editor:
Further thought should be given to promoting the concept that a civil government bind itself to any Charter for Compassion. The “Charter,” found at https://charterforcompassion.org/charter, propounds an abstract, and thus civilly unworkable, “New Age” mysticism. Its text smacks of the institution of civil religion, abhorred under the First Amendment. It will inevitably lead to the mischiefs of factions foreseen by James Madison in Federalist No. 10 (1787).
Reference to abstract “principles lying in the heart of all traditions, that call or compel everyone to dethrone themselves in order to engage in absolute justice;” reliance on “luminous, dynamic forces,” “transcendence” and “enlightenment” are, at best, too ephemeral, too subjective, to form operating basis for the core functions of a local government. To the extent that this, or any other, “Universal Charter” mandates attitudes that should be taught in local schools, it is an inappropriate tyranny upon the individual conscience.
The duty of Ridgefield Press is to bear neutral, journalistic witness to local issues and events and to report them accurately. Promoting the actions of a particular faction that would dictate or limit the terms, method or expression of speech, of thought, has led human kind to abomination before, evidently does so now, and will do so again.
I, for one, am very uncomfortable with any group foisting upon any other individual the adoption of any “Charter” that would direct an individual’s decision on what state of mind “works for everybody;” how an individual should exercise “compassion”; when, how, with whom or under what circumstances an individual should “empathize”.
John Tartaglia
638 Danbury Road, June 8