Letter: Be careful of wildlife crossing our roads

To the Editor:
Say no to roadkill!
This is baby season for our wildlife and nursing mothers are out foraging more than usual in search of nutritious food. Whether driving during day or night, please be mindful of their presence. Kill a nursing female and you are also killing her offspring.
In the coming weeks, fawns will begin to follow their mothers as will raccoon kits, fox cubs and others. Often they will follow mom at a distance so, while driving, be aware a doe may have crossed the road and be now out of sight but her fawn is timidly still on the other side. We are stewards of all that around us. Please stay off cell phones while driving, abide the speed limits, and watch the road as well as sides of road.
Side note: it’s a fallacy that raccoons and fox seen during daylight hours are probably rabid. While they are nocturnal species, nursing mothers are often seen during daylight hours as they hunt for food. Fortunately, very, very few are rabid these days.
Julie Schmidt
Quince Court, June 24