Letter: Baldwin’s robotic talk should be unacceptable

To the Editor:

At recent Board of Education public meetings, school Superintendent Baldwin used some of the following phrases to describe what “the schools” have determined as guidelines for a “successful graduate”: … Strategic coherence utilizing responsible classrooms; … grow ability of teachers who believe in our core beliefs and shared purpose; … learning that produces cultural proficiency, global awareness, higher order and rigorous thinking because it is authentic; … fidelity of pre-school instruction to include unified sports and “teaming”; … these goals are guided by our global economy, and students will achieve social-emotional learning via Dynamics of 3D Design earning them their “digital citizenship”!  


These phrases are smokescreen double-talk no one can understand. Superintendent Baldwin’s unintelligible words seem to me like a tool to diminish others; namely, parents and taxpayers. Do parents really want their schoolchildren treated as robot commodities, having their minds and emotions and physical bodies controlled and driven by such a core of beliefs focused on world order, as expressed by the school superintendent? This frightens me, a mother and grandmother. If I had children currently in the Ridgefield schools, I would be seriously considering withdrawing them.

Where is the joy of learning for our students expressed? Where is the student’s responsibility to family, community and country encouraged? How are ethics, courtesy, kindness, and thoughtfulness explored and developed with our students? How are the natural outdoor world and its wonders opened up to our students? All of these considerations help to form the personal “clay” of each student’s character and build upon the foundation of their developing intellect and talents.

I feel the Ridgefield school system is in great need of self-examination and redirection, leading to a far more human environment, for the good of our students and our future world.

Catherine A. Sementini

Old Wagon Road, March 26