Letter: Bailey Avenue building next to be demolished?

To the Editor:

The demolition of the house next to the post office, because it had become derelict and in such poor condition that it could not be restored, has worried me about another historic building in Ridgefield.

The building at 34-36 Bailey Avenue is being allowed to deteriorate to the point it may have to be demolished.

It was a main feature in the town during the late 1800s and early 1900s because it was the granary and coal yard for the town. The Branchville line of the railroad came right past where the passenger station is being replicated, thanks to Ridgefield Supply, and across the street from where there was a ramp for the easy unloading and storage of coal and grain used for the heating of buildings and homes and the feeding of farm animals.

While I haven’t had the opportunity to search the interior of the building, it must contain some beautiful wooden structures. I envision the brew pub that someone wants to start here in Ridgefield would be perfect there; the wooden posts and antique wood walls would be the ideal atmosphere for a pub.

Regardless, the building cannot be allowed to become derelict and demolished.

Bob Leavitt