Letter: BOE fuzzy math

To the Editor:

School Superintendent Baldwin and Board of Education Chairperson Fran Walton need a refresher course in math. Their budget disguised the true increase to the town of their administrator-laden spending by double-counting a revenue that is not part of the BOE budget. And they insisted on doing this not once, but twice, despite repeated admonitions from the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance.

Why promote fuzzy math? Baldwin and Walton gave parents and voters a bureaucracy-bloated budget and attempted to hide its true costs — not only deceptive, but also dangerous. They now claim that Board of Finance “surprised” them with a last-minute cut, but they had, in fact, been told months before, and repeatedly, that double-counting a revenue is not acceptable accounting.

Both Baldwin and Walton need to go back to school to learn why they should stop promoting fuzzy math.

Lynne Sewell