Letter: B&B owners don’t care about neighbors’ concerns

To the Editor:

I oppose the 47 Circle Drive project and its intrusion on my neighborhood. Their efforts to persuade us that they are “in the right,” simply proves to enrich them. They have shown that they care nothing about neighbors’ well-being, but simply their own profits and belief that if they want to do it, they should.

Their efforts seem only selfish. In this case, then I want only our well-being preserved, and our whole entirety considered not just them, their friends, and how “nice” they are as neighbors. I had previously believed them to be so interested in our entire benefit. I no longer believe this to be. In this instance, their business has become personal, and for that I must distance myself from emotions.

These neighbors of ours have never shown any consideration of our concerns, only until we had, then they showed scant interest, if any. It seems they wanted this issue to pass underneath the radar and let it be considered without any thinking or regard for what we think. When we met to discuss this we were treated as barely an afterthought. A good neighbor would have tried to approach us beforehand. They have not made any such effort at all. Even now, they are unwilling to budge at all, despite our facts which should overrule their feelings.

This whole plan to intrude our way of life, our delicate balance of well-being is based on the idea of whether this project and its intended purpose demonstrates a consideration for our whole neighborhood, the families which inhabit it and add value. We feel it does not and strongly oppose their application for its special use, despite their belief it demonstrates a value to our neighborhood. We feel it clearly does not.

Bob Cousins

Circle Drive, Sept. 25