Letter: Assessing Trump’s future damage

To the Editor:

Some day in the future, when the storm clouds have subsided, and the view of the Trump administration has faded in the rear view mirror, people will begin rummaging through the rubble to assess the damage.

They will find an environment beginning to be ravaged by rising temperatures and an aggressive ocean. They will see hoards of individuals desperately seeking medical help that had been denied to them, and governmental regulations that once protected humans and animals from the toxins infiltrating the air, lakes, and rivers, thrown into the ash heap.  

They will also see evidence of rapidly descending ethics and morals. They will see truth indistinguishable from fiction, ethnic discrimination and abuse having become the norm, and the words honesty and humility abolished from the dictionary

As political scientists and historians search desperately for some redeeming feature, some positive accomplishment of that forlorn administration, the only example they might find is that Donald Trump helped make Russia great again.

Lewis Siegel