Letter: Arts groups are right for fighting against outdoor stage

To the Editor:

I am in full support of members of the arts community who express opposition to an outdoor stage on the former Schlumberger property. The reasoning is well-articulated. Those who explained that such usage would be detrimental make a compelling case for not using the property to build an outdoor concert venue. I am concerned that Mr. Larson insists that an outdoor venue is extremely popular. In fact, this is a distortion; in reality, it was third in popularity.

There would be a great benefit to the community if the property in the center of town contained such assets as walking trails, gardens, picnic areas and play spaces.

I also applaud Mr. Marconi for withdrawing the $25,000 that Mr. Larson would have used to further a plan that is not acceptable to our local arts and cultural organizations.

Let it go, Mr. Larson.

Sunnie Colen

Sunset Lane, June 12