Letter: Art classes create lifelong appreciation

To the Editor:
I am a retired Ph.D. research scientist. I knew from the time my first grade teacher, Janet Ingraham of Ridgefield, handed me a book about science that I would be a scientist. I never wavered. Nevertheless, the classes in college that I most value today are music history and art history. I was required to take them. I don’t do science any more, but I go to concerts and I go to museums. The Ridgefield Symphony and the Aldrich are first on my list. I appreciate these wonderful local resources because I know something about how to listen to music and what to look for in art.
It would be sad to eliminate a graduation requirement from Ridgefield schools that could result in depriving students of lifelong appreciation and pleasure, particularly if they don’t plan to pursue these activities as a career.
Carolyn J. Foster, Ph.D.
Peaceable Ridge Road, Feb. 15