Letter: Aquifer protection demands more attention

To the Editor:
Aquifer protection demands far more than 10 minutes worth of meeting time this past year, as reported in the May 9, 2019 Ridgefield Press, or comparable fits of benign neglect going back decades.
It demands attention by an independent Wetland Board that understands that aquifer protection is more than mapping “wellhead protection areas.” It is an all-encompassing task that must account for interrelated components of hydrologic cycling from atmosphere to stratified drift and bedrock aquifers, to streams, lakes, wetlands, forests; to evapotranspiration, adsorption and conduction of pollutants, to preservation of life itself.
The recent Charter revisions have removed “ capacity as the Inland Wetlands Board” from the Planning and Zoning Commission and established an independent Wetland Board. Water is a unifying environmental treasure. Don’t muddy the regulatory processes that must keep it clean and pure.
Michael J. Autuori
Florida Hill Road, May 13