Letter: Answer the question, John

To the Editor:
Regarding Rep. Frey’s letter, published by The Ridgefield Press online on Feb. 11, and in print on Feb. 14, we ask that he stick to the facts and answer a simple question.
Did he, as required by the RNC, declare undivided support or non-support for Trump via his RNC vote and establish his loyalty to the RNC/Trump Wing of the GOP?
Every Ridgefield citizen has the right to know the answer. Frey is attempting to make the case that one (RNC) does not effect the other (state representative for Ridgefield). The Connecticut legislature, in this session, is taking up voting on subjects anathema to the RNC and Trump: early voting; making Election Day a state holiday (among others). Frey must be held to the standard required of all representatives — that he represent the constituents of a hyper local district who elected him to office.
Frey’s refusal to answer basic questions about his record is a pattern of lack of transparency. Frey, uniquely among all Connecticut state legislators, has used PAC money to fund his trips to RNC meetings and RNC events. Hartford Courant article by Jon Lender: Lobbyists, Corporate PACs Help Legislator Pay For His Travels As RNC Member provides ample evidence of corporate contributions, including monies from opioid manufacturer and marketer, Purdue Pharma. Who else paid for this trip to the RNC meeting? Are their corporate interests being served in the CT legislature or by his voting record at the RNC? Frey needs to come clean, address the facts, and answer the questions.
Our campaign and communications in 2018 were conducted according to the highest standards of transparency, respect for the voters, and respect for our political opponents. Nothing issued by the DTC or Aimee4Ridgefield deviated from these standards. If Frey has information to the contrary, please provide specific examples demonstrating the DTC or Aimee4Ridgefield deviated.
Temi Bova
Danbury Road, Feb. 13