Letter: Another walkout?

To the Editor:

Once again, the Ridgefield High School finds itself playing politics and encouraging students to leave school and participate in an Anti-Gun rally “showing their support to stop gun violence,” this Friday, April 20. This outrageous effort by school administrators and the principal is an affront to our children’s right to be taught valuable civics lessons and engage in healthy debates about how to stem violence in whatever form it takes; including a complete cessation of bullying.  Instead, they encourage students to leave classes, go outside and protest, thus disrupting other students right to an education. This is not a productive use of their time. The weather on Friday is delightfully supposed to be rainy and cold. How apropos.

I am all for productive protests during one’s own time. They have helped dramatically change the tone and see rightful progress happen. In this case, you are encouraging the erosion of the 2nd Amendment, under the umbrella of the “be kind” movement. I am simply against using our schools and our students as a way of promoting political propaganda. This should be strongly discouraged, and the School superintendent should put a stop to it.

I have a protest for you. I will strongly vote down your budget on May 15 until these melodramatic hyperbole protests stop and our teachers get back to teaching, instead of marching and indoctrinating our students about how mad they are. In fact, I might even be so mad about it, that I would stand outside the polling places on my time and do it as is my right to protest, and it is your right to ignore it if you so choose.

Bob Cousins

Ridgefield, April 16