Letter: Annual Town Meeting organizers quash school opposition

To the Editor:

Here is our take away from the Annual Town Meeting of the Town of Ridgefield on May 1, 2017:

  1. The Notice of the Annual Town Meeting Town of Ridgefield May 1, 2017 states that items 1-7 on call will be voted on in accordance to Section 10-3 of the Town Charter. Items 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, are laid out in great detail as line items. Item #2, the $92,633,544 Board of Education Expenditures, is not. Because Section 10-3 of the Town Charter states that items can only be voted on a line item basis, and because Board of Education Expenditures is only provided as a total and not in line item format, it is clear that the organizers of the Annual Town Meeting have shown themselves to be supporters of the Board of Education and have effectively subverted the Town Meeting to quash any attempt at opposition to the Board of Education appropriation.
  2. The Town of Ridgefield Board of Education sees its role as both education and parenting. Clearly the pro-education group in Ridgefield endorses and supports this expensive approach to public education.
  3. The pro-education group in Ridgefield either does not believe property taxes affect real estate values or they don’t care if property taxes affect real estate values.

Peter Preus and Michelle Brewster

Bennetts Farm Road, May 2