Letter: Angry maybe, not confused

To the Editor:

Although called “angry,” “upset” and “confused” in last week’s Press, Ridgefield homeowners are rightfully concerned about issues affecting our residential neighborhoods.

At a recent P&Z meeting, we learned that Ridgefield’s zoning regulations provide less protection against commercial incursion into residentially zoned neighborhoods than regulations in nearby communities. Regulations frequently prohibit for-profit applications, but not in Ridgefield. With those facts on the table, commissioners denied a petition for change without suggesting that they perceive a problem or intend to act in any manner, leaving Ridgefield homeowners defenseless and disadvantaged compared to others.   

The subsequent meeting regarding a proposed bed-and-breakfast was moved back to P&Z’s regular quarters — a room too small for those who wanted to attend. Opening remarks stressed that the commission would not be swayed by the presence of Ridgefield’s citizenry, or presumably anything they might say.

While legal counsel raised objections to the proposal, meeting time effectively expired before homeowners had a chance to speak. True to its word, the commission was reported to be leaning toward approval.

Expecting the same protections afforded to homeowners in other communities is hardly an extreme position.  

The follow-up meeting has been scheduled for the evening after Election Day. In the meantime, Ridgefield’s homeowners would be well advised to vote as if the integrity of our residential neighborhoods depends upon it.

Ron Shirk

Peaceable Street, Oct. 29