Letter: An open plea to Bud Brown

To the Editor:

For months now, I’ve woken up with my stomach cemented into the base of my throat. The attempt by “Rising Ridge, Inc.” to destroy our quiet, residential, peaceable neighborhood is causing stress and anxiety every time my husband and I think about it. Our relationship is suffering because it’s putting us on edge. Our children are suffering because it's poaching their parents’ attention far too often and for far too long. We’ve already lost our summer, and now I hear there won’t be any resolution until at least November.

Perhaps I should thank the commission for letting everyone speak ... but it’s hard to feel thankful on this matter. Both the Town of Lewisboro and Ridgefield’s Conservation Commission have come out against it. The neighbors have come out against it. Even the special permit criteria are against it. In any other neighboring town — Wilton, New Canaan, Darien, Bethel, Danbury — this application would not even be considered in a residential neighborhood. In any other town, common sense would have spared innocent families a whole lot of money, time, and stress.

My oldest child will start school full-time next year. This is the last autumn we’ll all be home together. It’s precious and fleeting, and it kills me to spend my time defending our neighborhood when I should be listening to my kids and playing. I wonder how the applicant’s wife would feel in my shoes.

In the end, there’s absolutely no reason to accept this proposal and every reason to reject it. But the longer that takes, the more damage it does to our health and our hearts.

A decent neighbor and an admirable man would acknowledge his mistake, pull this application for one at a suitable location, and give us back to our families before we lose more time.

Laura Liberti

Peaceable Street, Sept. 6