Letter: An open letter to Ridgefield Parks and Recreation Commission

To the Editor:
Since Nov. 15, 2018, there have been many communications with you via phone calls, meetings, letters, press articles, etc. regarding your decision to remove drop-in pickleball from the Recreation Membership, and move it into the Wellness Membership, and simultaneously keep drop-in basketball in the Recreation Membership.
We are respectfully asking you to please reply to us in written form, why Ridgefield Parks and Recreation is refusing to put pickleball back into the Recreation Membership, and why you are keeping basketball in the Recreation Membership. Not every pickleball player is a senior citizen, nor does every pickleball player want the Wellness option, which should be an option, not a requirement. And will you also give us the real reason why you refuse to reasonably raise the rate of the Recreation Membership for everyone.?
As a town department, Parks and Recreation has so much to offer the taxpayers of Ridgefield. Keeping the fees reasonable may encourage more people to join, experience the benefits of pickleball, and create even more revenue for Parks and Recreation.
We respectfully ask that you make pickleball financially available to all, especially the seniors, and return it to the Recreation Membership of $120.
Thank you for your attention.
AnneMarie Surfaro-Boehme, Andrea Beebe, Margot Ingrassia, Ron Guistino