Letter: Above and beyond

To the Editor:

On Jan. 9, six thank-you letters went into the mailbox in front of the Chase bank branch in Georgetown, CT. All were in the same size envelope, all were addressed in my poor handwriting, but each had a return address label on it. Sigh of relief. Another holiday-related task finished.

Later that day, an image flew through my head — of another envelope, a larger one, in the dispatched group. Something was wrong with that image. There shouldn’t have been a seventh envelope.

A quick search in the car confirmed that indeed the other envelope — the one with just one word on it, a first name — had gone into that mailbox, too. No stamp, no address, no return address, nothing to identify it. It was a birthday card for a friend. “That’ll end up in the dead letter box for sure,” I thought.

Not so fast. Two days later, my husband found in our mailbox a large white “official business” U.S. Postal Service envelope. Inside? The card with a note. “Found in the Georgetown mailbox. Compared the handwriting with similar envelopes. If this isn’t yours, please return in this envelope.”

I truly believe in holiday miracles — and dedicated government employees who go above and beyond every day.

Angela Liptack

Wilton Road East, Jan. 13