Letter: ACT’s ‘Working’ was marvelous

To the Editor:
As an original cast member, honored with a Tony nomination for my role in the Broadway company of Working, my wife and I would like to commend Daniel C. Levine for his inspiring idea to broadening Stephen Schwartz’ original vision to include actual residents of Ridgefield in this current production. Aside from shining a spotlight on each of them, the whole production broadened its original empathy for the everyman we meet on a daily basis. For those who remember and know A Chorus Line, Michael Bennett changed the way we look at those thoroughbred dancers backing up the star; while Working was meant to heighten our awareness and respect for the blue collar, minimum wage professions which are often overlook in today’s society.
Kudos from us to Daniel, the cast, crew and artists displayed in the lobby, all of whom made this production possible on a professional basis in our beloved community. We expect this concept to see other incarnations in communities across the United States. It’s kinda cool knowing the collaboration of Stephen Schwartz and Daniel C. Levine made it possible to debut first right here in Ridgefield.
Thank you to all who support our new Equity theater! We look forward to many more milestones achieved by ACT in Ridgefield.
Steve and Denise (Pence) Boockvor
Great Hill Road, March 12