Letter: A retort to two letters on gun issues, laws

To the Editor:

In response to George Cohen and Sky Cole: The muzzle energy of the AR15 is quite low compared to other rifles. It shoots a 223 cartridge that is so low in power Connecticut does not allow it to be used for deer hunting. The state requires 7MM or 243 or larger. So your statement on impact and extreme damage to flesh bone tissue is amazing because the 223 is a NATO-round regulated by the Geneva Convention. Not to mention, the round is one of the mildest in rifle ammo.  

And, furthermore, all rifles have a greater velocity than a handgun. Useless comparison, as usual.  

Private sales are legal in 28 states, not 41 as you wrote. And at gun shows, all transfers have to be with all paperwork completed. At shows, every seller has to register as a seller whether private or dealer, and paperwork has to be done. Not to mention, private sales are in-state only. So you can’t buy a gun in Alaska if you live in Connecticut. And, furthermore, a private sale is binding by the seller by law to not sell to felons or restricted buyers. Not to mention, less than .06% of private sale guns are used illegally. The shooter in Sandy hook discarded his magazines more than three-fourths full. So his mag changes were less than ten rounds. Only two mags were accounted for that shot 12 rounds.  Not to mention, he stole the guns.

Sky Cole, the AR15 is a varmint and sporting rifle by design in 223. The hunters you asked are clearly not informed on the use of the AR15 for hunting varmint. Not to mention, the second amendment does not address any gun for its use as a hunting criteria. It fascinates me how clueless people are on gun issues and laws.

Tom Falconieri Sr.

Limestone Road, Feb. 8