Letter: A response to gun control and anti-Trump vitriol

To the Editor:

Little do we now hear or read about gun violence in the United States, even killings in our schools. Have we, including the news media, become numb to these events, or are they just not newsworthy enough to report?

George Cohan’s gun control proposals are right on, and as he says “reasonable and sensible gun control laws” which still preserve our Second Amendment rights. However, when was the last time we heard or read in mainstream news media about a private gun owner using their gun to stop a robbery or save a life? These events have been reported on the Internet, but very infrequent and not fully documented.

Thus, I would go one step further, by restricting all private citizen ownership of rifles to single shot or action mechanisms, and outright banning of all handguns, with limited but controlled use such as in sporting events.  

On the other hand, Francis Cakavell’s attack on The Ridgefield Press coverage of the Women’s March as the “usual anti-Trump vitriol … dedicated to the ‘Big Lie’ school of Goebbels” is laughable. Trump ran his campaign and runs his presidency based on exaggerations, falsehoods, and outright lies, including derogatory and humiliating name calling of anyone with opposing views. He has continually attacked our First Amendment rights guaranteeing freedom of speech and the press, while using this freedom for his own demeaning and belittling use.  Our American Führer will forever be known as the president who coined the expression “Fake news, it’s all fake news.”

PA Torzilli

Old Sib Road