Letter: A positive approach to elections in Ridgefield

To the Editor:

Politics is awful. It is divisive, turns neighbor against neighbor, and often discourages our best and brightest citizens from serving because they do not want to be publicly attacked. By Election Day, many voters just want the madness to go away! So what if we did things differently?  

That was my goal when I chose to run for the Board of Education. As a registered Republican disappointed by the on-goings in Washington, I chose to be different: not left, not right, but forward!

I made my signs green to symbolize peace and prosperity. I reached out to get to know and collaborate with my fellow Republican and Democrat candidates. I celebrated bipartisanship on my Facebook page. I took a bold stand for education and collaboration by inspiring a new way of doing things.

To promote positive change, I put my signs out early. Subsequently, I noticed more candidates than ever chose new colors — such as black and orange for the Tigers, black and white, etc. Rather than being about party, we have become about town and what we can accomplish together.

It is easy to let party politics and negativism disillusion us, but we all have one thing in common.  We want to continue and build on our tradition of excellent schools in Ridgefield. Please join me to start addressing education in a more positive, collective fashion. If you are a resident upset about an individual, communicate directly with them versus making assumptions or attacks. If you are a candidate, get to know the other candidates running for office. You may be working with them later, so why not communicate and work together now?  

Finally, please vote, regardless of party, for the candidate you feel is best!  Let's move Ridgefield in a positive direction

Kaitlyn Hayes

Great Hill Road, Oct. 28