Letter: A neighborhood torn apart, just like yours could be

To the Editor:

Circle and Hobby Drive is just another typically wonderful, friendly and safe neighborhood just like yours. Until, that is, The Ridgefield Press in July ran a front-page article that the homeowners Tom and Cathy Savoca at 47 Circle Drive were looking for a special permit to run a commercial operation (B&B/hotel) in this neighborhood that is just like yours.

Fast forward three short months and this is no longer a neighborhood just like yours. It’s full of anger, anxiety and constant worry. It’s a neighborhood torn apart by what the vast majority feels is a selfish act of one neighbor who will benefit at the detriment of all the others. It’s devastating and so sad for all of us. Our neighborhood will never be the same.

In peaceful protest, those of us opposed have posted signs on our lawns. Those signs were paid for by all the members of the Circle Drive Neighbors Alliance to show our opposition to the B&B/hotel. We hate the signs — yes, they are ugly and none of us want them displayed, but what choice did we have? When we reached out and met with the Savocas, our pleas were unemotionally dismissed.

Additionally, the Savocas proceeded to purchase the vacant property right next door under a self-owned company, TS Real Estate Partners. This is not a small, warm and fuzzy B&B/hotel; this is a commercial investment that is going to grow. Maybe grow right over to your neighborhood or one just like yours.

On Oct. 17, P&Z will decide if our residential neighborhoods become commercial or stay just like yours.

Lori Mazzola

Circle Drive East, Oct. 1