Letter: A message for Sen. Haskell

To the Editor:
I am surprised at the newsletter you sent to me, Sen. Haskell. This state is drowning in unfunded liabilities, outrageously high taxes that the Democrats are seeking to raise again, and a myriad of “do-gooder” regulations and new taxes that will make the situation even worse.
Connecticut citizens are leaving in droves, especially the wealthy who are tired of being victims of government malfeasance. Yet you make the following statement: “A bill introduced by my colleague Senator Matt Lesser will protect consumers from being defrauded by for-profit colleges and private occupational institutions.”
We do not need government to “protect” us from our own freely made choices. We can change those decisions if we are unhappy. What we need is to be protected from being defrauded by the government in Hartford!
The slam on for-profit institutions does not go unnoticed and shows bias against the very (dare I say it) capitalist system that has brought a higher standard of living to nearly all Americans than almost anywhere else in the world.
Profit is not a dirty word, it is what incentivizes innovation and provides the capital for job-creating new businesses.
Instead of passing laws about diaper changing tables, do something important like getting your colleagues to lower taxes, decrease regulations, and forget about tolls.
The CT economy needs to grow and this is the only way to do it. While I know you don’t have much experience in either economics or life, if you would just look at the national picture you will see what lower taxes and much deregulation has brought.
Besides increased tax revenue to the federal government ($14 billion more in 2018 than in 2017), it has produced an abundance of jobs and wage increases for nearly everyone. The national economy is booming while CT is left behind.
Linda Lavelle
Aspen Mill Road, April 28