Letter: A matter of ethics

To the Editor:
Ridgefield’s town government is on the cusp of an egregious breach of ethics in which the Democratic Party is complicit.
It was party leaders, after all, who nominated and elected Steve Zemo to the Board of Selectmen even while knowing that he was acquiring land from the town and planning intense development on it.
Mr. Zemo himself must be aware of how tenuous his position is because he has recused himself from voting on land development matters that come before the board. The relevant question is whether he also has abstained from the discussions on which those votes were based.
Judges have cautioned governments to avoid creating conditions that may present the potential for conflict, observing that even just the appearance of possible conflict tends to undermine public trust.
This is an election year in town. Will the Democratic Party again place Mr. Zemo or anyone else in such fragile circumstances?
Possibly. This, after all, is the party now being led by a man, Gov. Ned Lamont, who has pondered taxing the groceries and medicines we buy for our families.
Ed Chrostowski
Carpenter Close, Feb. 2