Letter: A downtown building that deserves to last

To the Editor:

An article in today’s News Times headed “Preserving Brookfield's Past” reminds me we have an historic building in downtown Ridgefield that is rapidly deteriorating.

It's at 34 Bailey Avenue, just across Prospect Street from Ridgefield Supply.

Thank you, Ridgefield Supply for the wonderful renovation of the old railroad station.

Back in the early 1900s, there was a railroad line that came up from Branchville and into town. There was the old railroad station for passengers and also a granary across the street where freight cars would unload grains to be used by local farmers to feed their animals. The granary is a three-story, shingled building.

Unfortunately, the shingles are rotting and I am sure the under-siding is also.

Years ago, there were some shops in there and one could get a view of the wooden support beams, revealing how the building was built. It would be very disappointing to see this taken down.

In 2016, the owner of the building said he was going repair it in 2018. Nothing has happened and I'm concerned it is deliberately being allowed to deteriorate so it can be taken down and a new building built.

This would be very unfortunate for the town. Short of the town buying the property, what can be done?

Bob Leavitt

Olcott Way, Jan. 19