Giving Thanks: Ridgefield Recreation Center

To the Editor:
Farmingville Elementary School artists love Wednesdays. When the school day is over and all buses leave, they come down the quiet corridors into the art room, and become Super Art Team!
This winter session, the after-school program — in collaboration with Flowers of the Future Children’s Art Studio — gave the students the opportunity to bring their ideas and interests into art production: to explore kinetic art, and create unique kinetic masterpieces, utilize Christmas gift wrapping paper to create Henri Matisse inspired collages, to learn about glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly, and find a way to make a spin on that idea, and express the mood of ice storms in their watercolor paintings. Young enthusiastic Artists Shira Langberg, Avery Cramer, Emma Skare, Helena Ungaro, Khloe Seidl, Kylie Brent, Olivia Seemann and Nevin Runk have their dazzling artworks displayed in February at the Ridgefield Recreation Center, adding beauty, sparkle, and element of surprise to the atmosphere of happy childhood, that always exists in this welcoming family place.
How exciting it is for the children’s art show! It is always full of appreciative spectators and their families. Especially as everyone is welcome to touch and play with the art!
Children’s creativity is always welcome here. During last holiday season, the Ridgebury engineers from Ridgebury Elementary School, also part of Flowers of the Future enrichment program, had full display of their construction and industrial engineering projects right across from the Christmas tree. Young engineers from Ridgebury School created the whole land development with buildings, amusement parks and balloon operated transportation, to the delight of every girl and boy who was passing by, and was fascinated, but also allowed to play with the display!
We would like to express our deep gratitude to Ridgefield Recreation Center Director Dennis DiPinto, the administrator Jane Byrnes, all welcoming and helpful staff of the center for supporting and encouraging children’s creativity and love for Art.
Elena Gordon
Director of Flowers of the Future Art, Music and Drama Studio