Giving Thanks: Pacifico family, 850 Degrees

To the Editor:

The CDNA (Circle Drive Neighbors Alliance), as well as other neighborhood alliances, had a rough 2017 but 2018 began with a wonderful start. The neighbors of Circle and Hobby, through all the fuss, have formed strong and meaningful relationships among new friends filled with caring and compassion. The nightmare that was thrust upon us last year by the application for a B&B has brought us to a new level of support for each other because we truly care. Our goal to protect our neighborhoods will continue as long as we need to fight for it and we will do it together, as one unit, and will not be deterred.

We would also like to thank 850 Degrees Wood Fire Restaurant for hosting an amazingly fun-filled evening for us and our supporters. Their hospitality was beyond what we could have hoped for and the food was as usual, fantastic! This will be the first of many neighborhood parties to come for us. A special thanks to Robert and Claudia Pacifico who we credit for keeping us united now and going forward … together … in true Ridgefield tradition.

Lori Mazzola

Circle Drive East, Jan. 7