Giving Thanks: Christmas tree pickup

To the Editor:

Boy Scout Troop 116 held our annual Christmas Tree Pickup service project and fundraiser on Saturday, Jan. 5. Despite the near constant downpour of rain, there was no dampening the spirits of the Scouts!

They all worked tirelessly and cheerfully picking up Christmas trees all over town. The entire Troop would like to extend our gratitude to the all the folks in Ridgefield who sign up to have their trees picked up.

And a special thanks for the extra effort this year of putting donations in waterproof plastic bags! We would also like to thank the many other constituents that make this event possible, including: Jesse Lee Methodist Church, our charter organization, for the use of their parking lot Friday night as a staging area for our rental trucks, as well as Martin Hall on Saturday morning as a gathering point for our 90+ volunteers; to the Town Highway Department who most graciously allows us to come in and out of the transfer station all day and to their help moving and mulching all the trees we bring in; to Route4Me Software, Inc. for donating their world-class route software and apps for a month, there is no way we could do it without them; to the patient drivers around town on Saturday who watch out for us as we carefully maneuver those 16-foot rental trucks all over the narrow lanes of our beautiful town.

And again, to each of our customers who are the reason we are out there in the first place, thank you for your donations and support of our Troop each and every year. We look forward to seeing you all again in early January 2020!

Tom and Tizzie Mantione