To the Editor:
My name is Carlos Fonseca Jr. and I’m 11 years old. I am concerned. The other day I was driving with my mom from the Shop and Shop parking lot in Ridgefield and we stopped at a red light. I then saw a huge poster that said, “Juul pods only $19.99.”
I was raised to know smoking is bad. It ruins human lungs and body. I have lost my grandpa to smoking. My dad since he was a great person but I have never got a chance to meet him. You have probably lost a loved one to tobacco, too.
I love Ridgefield. Within this great town which hosts many events for kids and even has an obstacle course — my favorite! — it is not OK to have such posting. One Juul pod contains as much nicotine as several cigarettes! Nicotine ruins stomach lining and makes the heart work harded which can lead to a heart attack. Smoking makes teeth yellow and destroys blood cells. Thousands of people die by lung cancer and second hand smoke!
Teenagers think that smoking makes them feel cool. But battling for your life against lung cancer a few years later is certainly not cool!
I am raising this issue to you as I am looking for your help to stop such advertising and save our town. Please help me take down that poster. I can definitely rally my friends at school to collect signatures if that is how it works.
Thank you, I shall wait for your guidance.
Carlos Fonseca Jr.
Fifth grade student, Meadow Pound Elementary School
South Salem, N.Y., Feb. 28