Editorial: Slow to wake

With Sleep Awareness Week (March 5-11) and World Sleep Day (March 17) on the horizon — and the school board waiting to hear back from a consultant about the practicality of later school start times — it seems as if all anybody wants to talk about these days is rest. Or the lack of it.

One thing is abundantly clear from research: Adolescents are America’s most sleep-deprived age group.

What’s also transparent is that there’s a gap — both here, and nationally — between the science of sleep and education policy.

While administrators and board members wait, a group of parents has grown restless. Time — in this case, delaying it — shouldn’t be used as a shield to excuse hesitation, they say.

The facts are what they are — and so is the board’s opportunity to make a commitment, at this specific time — and that’s not going to change over the course of the next month, or months.

Editor's note: This editorial was written before last week's print deadline Wednesday, March 1. On Friday, March 3, the school board released its decision to implement healthier school start times by the beginning of the 2018-19 school year. Read more about the plan here.