Editorial: Seasonal duty

December’s lights are twinkling nightly on evergreens around all over town, and on the trees along Main Street. The Holiday Stroll with its crowds and crazy fun has come and gone. Churches are having concerts.

Done any shopping? Done any shopping in town?

Folks who live here, who cherish the town, need to “shop Ridgefield.”

We have a lovely little town with a toy store and a bookstore, a candy shop, hardware stores, jewelry stores, music stores, clothing stores for women and men, and gift shops.

Those shops and stores do so much to create the small town feel that people love, that makes Ridgefield someplace special.

In today’s economy, retailers everywhere are having their business eroded by the growth of Internet shopping. Big malls, nationwide chains and, yes, the charming little shops and stores in towns like Ridgefield are all threatened.

Want a town center that’s all real estate agencies and restaurants?

No? Then shop in town. Patronize those shops and stores.

That’s what people can do in the holidays to help their town.

The people who smile and say hello in Main Street’s shops and stores aren’t extras in everyone else’s cute little Ridgefield movie. They’re business owners and employees working to make a living. Same with folks working on Danbury Road, and in Branchville.

Help them make a living.

It’s the holidays — folks are going to spending money. Spend it here. Consider it a duy. Go to Ridgefield’s stores. See what they have to offer.

Shop in town — and help save it.